Wednesday, October 31, 2012

nail pattern boldness - texas tea

this is 1 coat of texas tea over 2 coats of cult nails - time traveler which is a dark blue cream, 1 coat of gelous and 1 coat of seche vite.

this polish glows in person like no other.

it's a llarowe exclusive polish.

i have a few other nail pattern boldness polishes that i picked up from their etsy shop before llarowe started carrying them.  i'm a sucker for matte glitters and they have several.

i love this polish.  i had no application issues with it and it's glass smooth with the top coats.

time traveler did stain a bit with cleanup, i've tried 3 times last night to get it to completely clean up and it just won't, so this was as good as i could get it ;)   in person the blue staining is not a noticeable, but as we all know, cameras seem to catch everything...random glitter, that spot that was missed in cleanup, just everything >.<

anyhow, onto the pics.

slightly blurred to show more of the color:

Monday, October 29, 2012

halloweenish marble

so, cleanup on this was a bitch.  i ran out of tape, but still decided to just go for it, so excuse around my cuticles.  they got flooded when i did the actual marble.

i used orly 'decades of dysfunction' as my base, then marbled with cult nails 'nevermore' and 'deal with it' along with china glaze 'roguish red', which is definitely an orange and not so red.

left hand:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

stamped candy corn

i was wanting to do a stamped halloween manicure using pretty & polished - candy corn. n this is a polish that changes based on temperature,  sometimes its all yellow, sometimes all orange, or like this; faded together.

 i started out with bundle monster plates....they wouldn't pick up with either my konad stamper or the xl stamper from llarowe, so those got ditched pretty fast.  i tried the smallest tree on the llarowe plates, however they were too big for my nails since i just had cut them down, so i decided just to pick a random image and go with it.

i started using the HITS stamping polish, then decided to try out cult nails - nevermore.  i honestly can't tell the difference.  my middle and ring finger are HITS, the rest are nevermore.

this is 3 layers of candy corn, no base color used.

this is the image i used.


polish remover 'scrubby tub'

this thing is's a tub of acetone with little scrubbers on the site that work wonderfully on removing glitter.

i used this while taking off the spooky floam manicure i last posted about.  when i removed regular floam with polish remover and cotton i had glitter all over my fingers and up where my cuticles are...not with this.

the little fingers work really well at removing everything.  for whatever reason it reminds me of a sea urchin O.o

i picked this up at target for a couple of bucks. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ninja polish - spooky floam

this is 3 coats of ninja polish - spooky floam on its own, i did a manicure of it over cult nails nevermore here.

i tried i don't know how many times last night to get it glowing in the dark both with my cell phone and my regular camera, i just couldn't capture it.  there is a picture of it glowing along with comparisons of other glow in the dark polishes on their page.

the glow on this in the dark is crazy bright.

i have a coat of gelous and 1 coat of seche vite over this.  also bought qtica nail growth stimulator yesterday when i went to ulta.  i've read good reviews about it and decided to go for it.  1 coat and my nails do feel much stronger than what they normally do.

also picked up a 'scrubby tub' from target.  won't lie...the 'fingers' inside of that thing scare me...looks like a sea urchin...but since i stopped using the glue method on my nails, i figured why not give this thing a go instead of scrubbing or waiting like 10 minutes for the glitter to come off with the foil method. 

anyhow, here's spooky floam...i love matte glitter so much.

Monday, October 22, 2012

ninja polish - spooky floam over nevermore

 very fast post tonight.  was only able to get 1 photo snapped off before my battery in the camera almost died.

this was purchased from ninja polish.  it's part of their halloween collection.  i did also pick up geeks which is a green glitter.  unfortunately the other 2 in the collection weren't really talkin' to me.

i used 1 coat of cult nails nevermore, 2 coats of spooky floam and 2 coats of seche vite.

i have the original floam as well as some other matte glitters purchased from etsy.  i love how they look, but have yet to get through them all. 

this polish also does glow in the dark.

when i re-do this manicure with just spooky floam by itself tomorrow i'll try to get a picture of it glowing.

also, this is the first picture cropped through flickr.  i think it does look better cropped without so much dead background.

Friday, October 19, 2012

enchanted polish - beetle juice

extremely fast post today...i do want to sit down when i have time this next week and start cropping photos at the suggestion of another blogger, looks like i should be able to do that through flickr, so that should hopefully help with making my pictures look better...but i wanted to just get these up today :)  i haven't done a cleanup on it, but it's good enough for a quick post :)

this is the last of the falloween polishes, it's a gorgeous glitter.

this is 2 coats of fingerpaints - plum startled,  1 coat of beetle's crazy the amount i got out of 1 coat, a coat of gelous and a coat of seche vite.

plum startled was picked up at sally's.  beetle juice was purchased from llarowe.   i love llarowe's new site by the way.  she just launched a new version of it and it looks really professional.

also, i wanted to thank you guys for joining recently.  this is just a small blog, but i do appreciate having followers.

anyhow...this one may be my favorite out of the falloweens.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

enchanted polish - lucy pumpkin gutz

so anyone who knows me knows that one of my babies is named when i saw the name of the polish i used as my base i had to buy it.  plus it was enchanted polish...not like i needed another reason ;)

here's my lucy, this was from the first night i had her...look at that horrible manicure ;)

and one from when she was a bit older:

she seriously is a princess. 

anyhow,  onto the manicure...i used 2 thin coats of lucy in the sky with diamonds, 2 coats of pumpkin gutz, 1 coat of glitter food, 1 coat of gelous, and 1 coat of seche vite.

i love "lucy" on its own.  it applied perfectly.  no cleanup has been done...hell, they're still drying as i type this.

enchanted polish - finger lickin' good

here's another from the falloween collection...almost to the end ;)

this is over 2 coats of cult nails - deal with it.  it has a really pretty gold shimmer to it.  i also used 2 coats of finger lickin' good, 1 coat of glitter food, 1 coat of gelous, and  1 coat of seche vite.

shimmer shimmer

Friday, October 12, 2012

enchanted polish - igor

so i started out doing a manicure with this using china glaze's new 'cast a spell' from their wicked collection.  my seche vite must have been too thick because it never dried all the way and i messed up the manicure when i took a shower. 

it was pretty, but you couldn't see all of the tiny black glitter going on with igor that you can see with this combo.  i didn't get any white glitter out of the bottle, but that's fine.  i guess i need to flip the bottle an let it sit before i use this one again to let the white hexes sink to where i can grab them.

when i got home from work i decided to go ahead and re-do it.  i used butter london trustafarian as my base.  this is a slightly holo sage green color.  it's beautiful on its own.

igor...i love this.  then again, what enchanted polish don't i love?  it's another from the falloween collection.

i used 2 coats of trustafarian, 2 of igor, 1 coat of glitter food, 1 coat of gelous and 1 coat of seche vite...after i refilled my bottle >.<

this turned out glass-smooth.  love it.

i had to cut my nails way down.  after the one cracked a few weeks ago they've felt weird being slightly different lengths.  the ends were getting thin anyhow, so it was time for a trim.

all that glitters - horror business

here's another all that glitters polish from the boo-tique halloween collection.

this is 3 coats on its own.  no base color, but next time i grab this one i'm going to go with a bright green. and probably go with 2 coats of polish.

the consistency was a bit thick, but nothing that was unmanageable.  it's PACKED with glitter.  i love it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

all that glitters - night fright

these can be purchased on etsy, i actually got mine when she was taking pre orders.

these were my first 'all that glitters' polishes.  they're all very pretty.  this one was from the BOO-tique halloween collection.  very cute name.

for this one i used cult nails - vicious for my base color then 1 coat of fright night.  i used glitter food, gelous and 1 coat of seche vite to get everything glass smooth.

vicious did not want to clean up well around my i know to be more careful with that one.  it just wanted to stain everything.  

love the orange glitters in this on.

i've had this on for 3 days now with the white glue method as my first coat.  i think it's held up pretty well with 1 small chip on my thumb.  hopefully it makes it through the rest of the day...

Friday, October 5, 2012

enchanted polish - witchful thinking

here's another from enchanted polish's falloween collection.   these were purchased from llarowe.

really really love this one, though it was hard to photograph.  too much sparkly was going on...not that that's bad.

the is over 1 coat of cult nails - nevermore.  1 coat of witchful thinking, 1 coat of glitter food and 1 coat of seche vite were then used.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

enchanted polish - practice safe hex

here's another falloween collection glitter.  i used opi's you don't know jacques as my base, 1 coat of practice safe hex, 1 coat of glitter food, 1  coat of gelous, and one coat of seche vite.

i''m also trying the glue method for removing glitter polish.  you apply a coat of white glue, like elmer's school glue, let it dry completely, then continue with your manicure as normal.  the first time i tried this i didn't let the glue dry long enough.  i gave it 10 minutes.   it peeled up the next day while at work.  gotta say i love how easy it came off as opposed to doing the foil method for 10 minutes per hand.   this time around i let the glue dry for 30 minutes, applied my usual "get it on" basecoat then went on to the rest of the colors.  this is day 2 with no peeling.  i was also very careful to not get it anywhere near my cuticles or the edges of my nails as it seems like that would make it peel up faster.   when you're ready to change polishes all you do is take an orange stick and gently push at the edge near your cuticle.  everything should come up in one sheet.  when i took off my first manicure using this there was nothing wrong with my nail. 

when i first started this i was worried that it would come off while washing dishes, taking a shower, using lotion, etc, but there's been no issues this time around.  this isn't something i'd use on every manicure, but when i wear glitter this is definitely how i'm going to do it.  the foil method of removal is so drying, but it's really the only other way to get glitters totally off without scrubbing for minutes per nail.

has anyone else used this?  a friend on facebook had suggested it and thank her so much for it!

anyhow, here's pics of practice safe hex.  this one is my 2nd favorite out of the falloween collection by enchanted polish.  these were purchased from llarowe.  love love love this polish.  hell, this whole collection is just awesome. 

no flash:

with flash:

Monday, October 1, 2012

enchanted polish - big city lights and beatles collections

these polishes were released at the same time.  there is another from the beatles collection that i didn't pick up since it looked a lot like an ozotic that i already had.  that one was magical mystery tour.  waay to similar to ozotic 505 for me to want to have this bottle since i already have a backup of that one.

these are basically like ozotics on steroids.  the elytra glitters and the multichromes by ozotic were discontinued a while back, these are a very good replacement.

i should do a comparison post one of these day.  i still love my ozotics, don't get me wrong, but these are sooo much more dense.

these bottles are so pretty in person.

here are the ones from the beatles collection:

mean mr. mustard:

i am the walrus:

enchanted polish - ola rio walrus

these are from enchanted polish's big city lights and beatles collections.

they are like ozotic 530 and 502 on steroids.  seriously, they're packed with so much color.   my camera was only wanting to pick up on the maroon/gold.  i wish i had better light from windows in my apartment.  oh well.

the bottle shot is awesome.

i used 2 coats of i am the walrus (beatles collection), 1 coat of ola rio (big city lights collection), and a coat of seche vite.