Thursday, April 26, 2012

layla hologram effect - flash black swatch

even though my nails are cut down to shit at the moment i thought i'd go ahead and post this, i might just go ahead and start posting swatches even though they are so short.

the color on this is amazing in person.  it doesn't look like it could be a nail polish.

applying it is a bit wonky.  if the brush drags too much you'll get a spot that turns out thin, so i found if the brush is just barely glided over it tends to cover better.

i'm in love with this...

cult nails - let's get nekkid collection

i finished ordering the rest of this set and received my package last week, just now getting around to posting pictures.  i did get a 2nd bottle of toxic seaweed as a backup.  it's a gorgeous color, limited edition and sold out on cult nails.  i have worn baker and swanbourne already. the application is great, they each covered in 2 thin-ish coats.  these all have really pretty sparkles in them.  you can kinda see the gold flecks the pictures below.  i don't normally go for neutral colors, but the ones i've tried so far look really nice once applied.

i did also pick up the get it on/wicked fast base and topcoat set.  these are probably the best base/topcoats i've ever used. they are very thin, but the consistency goes on quite well.  there's no shrinkage with wicked fast like what i get with seche vite.  i have tried it with wicked fast first then seche vite over the top and got the most glassy finish.   i will definitely continue to use these two products.

probably next week i'll start posting swatch pics since my nails are already starting to grow out from being cut all the way down.

here's pics of the collection:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

layla - hologram effect collection

today i just have pictures of the layla 'hologram effect' collection.  i wore jade groove before i cut my nails down.  it's a gorgeous holo, lots of flash in sunlight.  unfortunately it'll be a while before i take any new pics of nails are completely gone.  they've been growing fast and have been longer than i've ever had them before, it still sucks having to cut them all off because you feel like your typing is uneven with one short one >.<

i apparently missed taking a picture of ocean rush, i'll get that up when i wear it.  can you tell i'm new to trying to organize stuff for a blog?  also flash black wouldn't focus with my camera.  at least you can see some of the colors in it with it slightly blurred.

anyhow, here's jade grove:

and the rest of the collection:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

more cult nails randomness

here are the other cult nails i currently have. once i get the collections filled out i'll post pics of them all together like what was posted earlier with the divas and drama collection.

power thief
toxic seaweed

cult nails - divas and drama collection

these are all from cult nails.  i'm falling in love with this brand. it was my first full collection.  i also have some others and plan on filling out the rest of the brand's collections as well.  i'll put up some other images that i have and will repost with the full set once i have them finished.

captivated was not included with the set, but it matches so well with scandalous.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ozotic 534

just trying this out for a first post.  i need to get a new keyboard before i delve into this, my space bar is dying on me.  i also need to dig up my camera and charger so i can get better pictures that what my cell can take.

so i've fallen into loving ozotics, i purchased quite a few from harlow & co and they arrived this week.  i definitely am planning another order from her.  shipping was fairy fast from canada to omaha and the package arrived in great shape.  this is always a concern of mine when buying from online.

anyhow, here was today's manicure, full sunlight, no filters.

excuse the dry cuticles, i didn't realize they looked this bad this morning.

anyhow, i am beyond in love with this brand, i've never seen color like it.

here are the numbers that i ordered.   this brand goes by numbers and not by names.

my sister actually let me paint hers tonight.  i did the 3rd color on the bottom row.  it's a gorgeous coppery color.  she's got sad, sad nails due to her job, she does a lot of unpacking boxes and moving heavy items, so her nails never seem to grow.   it was kinda fun actually doing a manicure on someone other that myself.