Thursday, August 29, 2013

dashica - big sdp u

1 coat of nailnation 3000's black stamped with love my nails chrome - teal for two.  i may need to try to hunt down some more of this brand's polish for stamping.  it works absolutely perfectly.  i got this bottle for free with my last dashica order.  1 coat of seche over the top with no streaking. 

i still need to work on centering up images that aren't from a huge plate.

dashica big sdp v

1 coat of china glaze - son of a peach used for the base color.  i then sponged with opi - can you dig it? and son of a peach.  nailnation 3000 - black was used for stamping.  this one worked really well, i'd say probably even better than cult nails - nevermore, which is what i'd stamp with previously.  the consistency seemed better.

the opi is one that i bought when i was in high school.  guess that goes to show how long polish can stay good ;)

this one was so pretty in person.  i need to do another stamped gradient soon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

reciprocal gradient

next time i do this i will try it with 3 stripes instead of 2.  i love this manicure, have had it on since last thursday, and i just took pictures of it now. 

for instructions on how to do this, here's a video from my simple little pleasures
.  i watch so many of her videos to get ideas for water marbles also.

could have done a better cleanup, after looking at these pictures i see that now.  it looks much cleaner around the cuticles in person for some reason.  oh well.  

ninja polish - hydra

lots of pictures....this one has crazy color shift.

this is from ninja polish's dragon collection.

this is 1 coat over 1 coat of nailnation 3000 black

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dashica big sdp - u and gradient

for this one i used opi - my vampire is buff for my base color.  i then sponged butter london - cheeky chops, china glaze - snap my dragon, and china glaze bizarre blurple.  once dried i stamped with an image from dashica's big sdp - u plate.  excuse the lint from cotton on the plate. 

i'm really happy with the gradient, it's probably the best one i've ever done.  i did dampen the sponge, i hadn't tried that with previous gradients, so that has to be what made the difference.

nailnation 3000 - h2-ohhh

another nailnation 3000 holo...loved this one.

nailnation 3000 - purple polish

this was 1 thin coat over nailnation's black.

the holo didn't pick up in the pictures, so i also took a video of this.

nail nation 3000 - beautemus maxiumus stamped

long time no post...haven't had time to sit down and post for a while.  going to try to  change that.

here's a picture of beautemus stamped as i mentioned i would do in my last post.  i have a few posts that i will do today since i've still been taking pictures of my manicures, just not the time to upload.

the image is a dashica image, i don't remember the plate, but can look it up if anyone wants to know :)

still need to work on lining up images, but it should be easier next time around, my nails have gotten longer since these pics.