Thursday, July 18, 2013

nail nation 3000 - beautemus maxiumus

i got this as a sample in my last nail nation 3000 order.  i am in love with this.   this isn't available as a full size yet, but i hope it is.  i definitely want one ;)

this is 2 thin coats, 1 coat of seche vite.

probably going to stamp over this one soon, so i didn't do a cleanup of it yet.

**edited to add a comparison picture**

dashica big sdp-p and color club - cherubic

1 coat of cult nails - nevermore was used as my base color and i used color club cherubic to stamp.  1 coat of seche vite over the whole thing.

the image was from the dashica big sdp-p plate.  i seriously love the images on their plates.

this was my manicure for last work weekend.  it seriously glowed in the sun when i was outside.

dashica big sdp-f and nail nation 3000 carpe diem

i used 3 thin coats of carpe diem as my base color for this.  it is the perfect white for using as a base color, it's not pure blinding white and it has a really soft holo to it.

the image used for this was off of the big sdp-f plate.  there seemed to be a part on the image that wasn't engraved deep enough, but knowing this, next time i use this image, i will just be more careful with the positioning.  i love this celtic knot image.   

the polish i stamped with did smudge a bit with seche vite, but i think that was totally my fault.  i didn't wait to add it after i stamped

i actually wore this for a few days, which is rare for me.  i love how it turned out in person.  the smudging wasn't as noticeable.

you can see in this next image where the plate didn't pick up the complete image.