Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ozotic 534

just trying this out for a first post.  i need to get a new keyboard before i delve into this, my space bar is dying on me.  i also need to dig up my camera and charger so i can get better pictures that what my cell can take.

so i've fallen into loving ozotics, i purchased quite a few from harlow & co and they arrived this week.  i definitely am planning another order from her.  shipping was fairy fast from canada to omaha and the package arrived in great shape.  this is always a concern of mine when buying from online.

anyhow, here was today's manicure, full sunlight, no filters.

excuse the dry cuticles, i didn't realize they looked this bad this morning.

anyhow, i am beyond in love with this brand, i've never seen color like it.

here are the numbers that i ordered.   this brand goes by numbers and not by names.

my sister actually let me paint hers tonight.  i did the 3rd color on the bottom row.  it's a gorgeous coppery color.  she's got sad, sad nails due to her job, she does a lot of unpacking boxes and moving heavy items, so her nails never seem to grow.   it was kinda fun actually doing a manicure on someone other that myself.