Friday, June 28, 2013

nail nation 3000 - a mid summer nights dream

quick post before i get offline for the night and get junk ready for work this weekend :(

2 coats of a mid summer nights dream.  wore this alone yesterday.  then today i decided to stamp.  the image was off of the drk-a plate, i used barry m's silver foil polish to stamp with.  i currently have fnug's igel topcoat over the top.  it didn't smudge the stamping at all, which is good to know.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ninja polish - mystic glacier

the bottle i got didn't have a sticker on the bottom.  just had to go look up the name on ninja polish's site ;)

this is more opaque in person, you don't see the nail line at all.  i want to try to layer it over a white or light gray the next time i try this to see how it turns out.

 the shimmer in this is soooo strong, it doesn't hide in any light. 

this does flash to green at certain angles as well, but i wasn't able to get it with my camera.

you can kinda see the green flash in this picture.  it's way more noticeable in person.

drk-b stamping and china glaze gradient

the drk-b plate was purchased from  i did a sponged gradient with china glaze - mimosas before manis and snap my dragon.  the black used to stamp with is cult nails - nevermore.

the gradient was kind of hard to capture on camera.  it definitely was there though  :P

the smudging that happened on this one was my fault, i didn't wait long enough to add seche vite.  the image stamped perfectly.

butter london water marble

just going to do a few quick posts today of manicures i've had on my camera for this month.

this one was with all butter london's and cult nails - nevermore. opi - my vampire is buff was used as the base color.

the butter london polishes spread almost perfectly on the water.  if i ever redo this combo i'll do it with less black.  it kinda overtook everything more than what i was hoping. 

again, no great cleanup, my lazy ass hasn't gotten out to get a new cleanup brush yet :(

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

nail nation 3000 - pink-tastic and stamping drk-c

first off...lucy says haiiii!

she's my princess
for this manicure i used 1 coat of cult nails - nevermore and stamped using nail nation 3000 - pink-tastic.  1 coat of seche vite.   the image used was from the drk-c plate.  i'm seriously loving stamping, i might need to take a break from glitter and just do a bunch of stamping now that i have a few good plates.

i still don't have a cleanup brush, so excuse any random polish that is at a place where it should have been cleaned up lol

Friday, June 7, 2013

ninja polish - pacific coral and drk-a stamping

very quick post.  the base color used for this was pacific coral by ninja polish.  the stamping plate was also purchased from them.  their site is here.

the black i used to stamp was cult nails nevermore.  1 coat of seche vite was used for my topcoat.

i just stamped random images from this plate and i'm happy with how it turned out.  every image picked up with no issue and transferred fine.

i do need to get a new cleanup brush, the bristles on the one i have now are going bad, so cleanup for this was done with a qtip, sorry that it's not the best cleanup.