Saturday, December 15, 2012

spectraflair experiment

so apparently my sister didn't like the thought of me taking a break from uploading pictures.  so, here i am :P

i purchased some grades of spectraflair from here.  it is not the powder form, it is in a suspension base and it is extremely concentrated.   i first mixed some up in an opi topcoat since that's the clear i had sitting out. i realized that it was way too much even though i hardly used any, so i found a 2nd bottle of dumped about a quarter of the first bottle into it and that's what i have on right now.  when wearing that first mix on its own you don't see any of the colored polish underneath.

i also wanted to try with a color, so i found my old cnd oilslick and put some in.  i like it better used as a topcoat to be honest.  i didn't want to add too much into the colored polish and have it also turn pure silver,  so i just stopped and decided to go with the topcoat.

no cleanup done on the below pics.  honestly just wanted to get these online.