Monday, October 1, 2012

enchanted polish - big city lights and beatles collections

these polishes were released at the same time.  there is another from the beatles collection that i didn't pick up since it looked a lot like an ozotic that i already had.  that one was magical mystery tour.  waay to similar to ozotic 505 for me to want to have this bottle since i already have a backup of that one.

these are basically like ozotics on steroids.  the elytra glitters and the multichromes by ozotic were discontinued a while back, these are a very good replacement.

i should do a comparison post one of these day.  i still love my ozotics, don't get me wrong, but these are sooo much more dense.

these bottles are so pretty in person.

here are the ones from the beatles collection:

mean mr. mustard:

i am the walrus:

enchanted polish - ola rio walrus

these are from enchanted polish's big city lights and beatles collections.

they are like ozotic 530 and 502 on steroids.  seriously, they're packed with so much color.   my camera was only wanting to pick up on the maroon/gold.  i wish i had better light from windows in my apartment.  oh well.

the bottle shot is awesome.

i used 2 coats of i am the walrus (beatles collection), 1 coat of ola rio (big city lights collection), and a coat of seche vite.