Thursday, May 24, 2012

floam and humble bee

these are both made by Nail-Venturous.  i purchased these from ninja polish.  i was actually surprised to end up getting them.  the day that i got the email notification that floam had been restocked they also upgraded the shopping cart.  the website kept crashing.  i ended up getting to the checkout flow on the site where it gave me an order number but then i couldn't get to the page to complete the order and pay.  by the time the site came back up they removed the product from the site and said that they weren't going to readd it until they got the shopping cart fixed.  i just emailed the site owner and asked if i could still go ahead and pay for it and she said yes.   shipping was really fast so that made me happy.

i have floam on currently.  it's bright bright yellow-green and blue matte glitter, which i had never even heard of before.  i have seche vite over it and even with the shine from that you can still  tell that the glitter in the polish is matte, it really is unique looking.

it's named after the toy floam.  it really does look like the stuff i remember playing with when i was younger lol

pictures of this will get taken tonight when i get another minute to sit down and snap some.

humble bee is super bright yellow and black and is the same type of matte glitter.

everything nail-venturous sells out extremely fast when it is up for sale.  i want to get 2 more of their colors if they ever go back on sale again, orange you unique? and pinkerbell.

harlow & co mail

got these the other week as well and just now found time to sit down and upload the pictures.

voodoo turned out to be a bitch to try to get to photograph correctly.  the bottle says "see the darkness,

feel the magic!" it :P

dandy nails

i forgot to post this picture when i got these polishes a few weeks ago.  i did give my sister an orange glitter one that she fell in love with.  these other colors/topcoats are goregous.  can't wait to try out the flakie ones over the new cult nails black that is waiting for me over at my parent's.