Friday, August 24, 2012

ninja polish - zultanite

didn't have a chance to clean this up my cuticles when i took these.  excuse the black that's showing.  i used cult nails nevermore as my base.

this is 1 of  3 colors that i ordered recently by ninja polish.  i am in absolute love with all 3 of them in the bottle.  the first one i grabbed to wear is this one.  i don't know which to try on myself next.  i did to a manicure for my mom with the garnet one.  it looked like color shift in beetle wings.  i'll actually probably do the alexandrite one next.

these have shot up to the top of being my favorite polishes.

sally hansen - kinetic copper

really love the flecky copper color in this when you use the magnet.  the magnet on this one also seemed a lot stronger than the other brands that i have used.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

layla ultra violet

pretty sure the trick to these holo's are to have a really smooth basecoat.  i tried doing these with my usual 'get it on' cult nails base and it smudged bad.  i threw on gelous over that and tried again and it seemed to go on perfect.  will need to try that first the next time i grab one of these.

the holo on the ones that i've worn from this set are insane.

4 days of wear and my ring finger is starting to flake off near my cuticle.  other than that, no real issues with wear on these for me.

Friday, August 10, 2012

pahlish typewriter keys

this is over opi 'don't talk bach to me' from their new 'germany' collection.  typewriter keys was purchased from llarowe.