Thursday, May 17, 2012

enchanted polish - haul

i purchased these from llarowe.  this was my first purchase from her.  shipping and customer service is great, i had a few questions regarding how long shipping would be and i got responses quite fast :)  they also carry ozotics, some of which are being discontinued.  at least others are being made, but it still sucks that such beautiful polishes are going to be gone quite shortly.

anyhow, these colors are from enchanted polish.  lots and lots of holos.  i think i should be set for a while ;)  the colors are absolutely gorgeous.  i did a manicure on my mom tonight using cranberry cosmo and it turned out beautiful.  mom loved the color shift in the light in the house.  i told her just wait until she sees it out in the sun.

hey jude will probably be the first one i try, then gummy worm.  these two are so filled with color depending on the lighting you're in.

onto the pics...swatches will start once i re-do my current manicure: