Tuesday, September 18, 2012


a supervisor at work is selling scentsy products....my supervisor comes over with her books and was like 'here, check these out'.  later that day she drops off the sample box of wax to smell....that was trouble.  i spent my 45 minute break trying to decide what to get from the 90 or so pots that were in the box.

i ended up picking out 9 different scents and a really pretty warmer and stand.

scentsy is a company that sells wickless candles.  you use a warmer with a light bulb in it to warm and melt the wax.  i have  the midnight fig scent in my warmer right now.  i am using 2 cubes of wax from the bar that each scent is packaged it.  the scent is awesome.  i love fig anything.

the throw of the smell on this one is pretty good.  it's over near my kitchen and i'm halfway across the apartment on the computer at the moment and it's really strong...but not overpowering.

i also got a sample hand cream to try.  the scent on it lasts pretty well.  i might pick up another when i order again.

 the first picture of the warmer is after just plugging it in.  the one with the melted wax is about a half hour later, so you can tell it melts really slowly.  my supervisor said that when she wanted to switch out the scent all she did was turn on the warmer for a few minutes to let the hardened wax melt and release from the side of the dish slightly and she put it back in the container that the bar came in and then wiped out the dish with a paper towel and started with new chunks of wax.  she said that the smell on the wax she first tried has lasted pretty long.  i guess she uses it daily and has had it for weeks and it still is pretty scented.