Tuesday, May 15, 2012

elixir lacquers

picked this up today from my parent's...elixir lacquer's site is at http://www.elixirlacquers.com.  i'm starting to get sucked into the whole indie polish thing now  >.<  gotta say the few orders i've gotten from independent sellers have been amazing.  the colors have been pretty unique.  the customer  service has been great and shipping has also been fast.

for whatever reason i couldn't get the bottom of these bottles to stay in focus...

with a k, dakota, tricky, supa sugar bee

manipulative colorblind

this was done with colorblind by dandy nails and manipulative by cult nails.  totally loved these 2 together.  this was with 2 coats of each polish.  i'm thinking 1 coat of colorblind will be plenty next time i wear it.  it was not fun trying to get off ;)

excuse the angry cuticles :(  they've been so dry the last few weeks no matter what i do with them.

happy meowface

...that's my boy.