Tuesday, June 26, 2012

enchanted polish - octopus's garden

had to trim these down a bit, broke the one on my middle finger.  they are at the point though where they grow really fast, so i'm guessing by next week they'll be back to where they were with the last photos again.

anyhow, this is a gorgeous color from enchanted polish called octopus's garden.  i purchased this from llarowe.  i swear i need to just give leah ann my debit card number and have her just charge me automatically.  she seriously carries some of the best colors i've bought since i've started caring about my nails again.

i couldn't get a good pic of this without flash, the sun isn't out on my side of the building today, but this does shift to a really pretty orange-ish color also.  you can kinda see it in the first bottle picture.

love love love the color in the next two: