Tuesday, January 15, 2013

hare polish - bury the hatchetfish

this is part of hare's illuminated life:  fall 2012 collection.  i have worn electric flame and have a post here.  hatchetfish had the same weird consistency issue, i used quite a bit of polish thinner and it still wasn't where i would have liked it to be.  i know that others have also mentioned the thickness of this polish, but it is worth dealing with.  it is another that just glows from inside and it is really a unique combination of colors.

the below pics are 3 thin...or 3 attempted thin coats (lol)  1 coat of gelous, though it didn't need it, i wanted to use it for the shine, and 1 coat of poshe topcoat.  no cleanup was needed near my cuticles...it was so thick it just kinda laid where i wanted it to.  you can see on the tip of my middle finger where it looks like a glob.  my sister pointed this out last night when she saw it in person. this must have happened as i was waiting for it to dry, i'm guessing it just shifted as it was drying?  i've not had a polish do that before to me.

i think i will wait before trying any new hare polishes to see if the consistency has gotten better before just buying them.  i still have quite a few of them to go through, so i am set for a while with this brand ;)

this was purchased from llarowe.