Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cross stitch projects

A neighbor taught me how to cross stitch when I was a kid.  I started out making little bookmarks and cutsey little pictures  then moved onto  my first huge project pictured below.  The peacock I completed years ago as a gift for my mother.  It took over 2 years to finish.  I did this at work when I worked for American Express. I kinda miss being able to work on projects like that at work, but I hated being on the phone constantly.

Along with it being huge...almost poster size, there was a lot of beadwork on the border.  It is gorgeous in person.  The camera on my phone doesn't pick up the glittery filament thread in it's tail.

I still have other half finished projects packed up from when I moved out of mom and dad's.  Those won't see the light of day until I get a house and get everything unpacked again.

The red one I'm working on now will eventuality be a monogram with a pretty, ornate baroque border. I love the color of floss I picked out for this one.  It should only take a few months to finish, I've been slacking and only working on it like once a week.  If I'd work on it on my days off it would be done in a few weeks.  I get distracted though :(


I still have 502 on today.  Just sitting at my parent's house at the moment and saw how pretty this is in direct sunlight.  You can totally see the color shifts.