Friday, September 28, 2012

enchanted polish - falloween collection

i can't even begin to choose a favorite from this collection.  i've already done a manicure with dexter...i still have it on.  it will probably be on all weekend.   i already know the next manicure i want to do will be with practice safe hex.

these are colors that i would wear all year long.  i love pretty much everything i've seen enchanted polish put out.

these are available from llarowe.  i was somehow fast enough when she first put them on the site to grab all 7.  these sold out within minutes of being available.  a restock should be happening soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

enchanted polish - dexter

this glitter is from enchanted polish's falloween collection.  it can be found on llarowe.

for my base i used a-england's ascalon which is a charcoal colored holo.  application on both were good. 

2 coats of each color was used.  gelous topcoat and seche vite were used over the whole thing.

so i cut my nails way down today.  had a bad break on my middle finger on my right hand.  the whole nail didn't break, so i was able to fix it with a silk patch.  they did need to be trimmed down though, typing was getting slower with them the length that they were.

bottle shots of the falloween collection will be posted soon.  they're amazing.

before dexter and cleanup:

Friday, September 21, 2012

contrary and different dimension

i used contrary polish - gilded oak for my base.  i used cult nails get it on for my topcoat, 2 coats of color and a coat of cult nails wicked fast.

this color went on really even and cleanup was great on it.  nothing wanted to stain and i didn't end up with shimmer everywhere.   contrary polishes are available from llarowe

after that all dried i sponged on spectral tiger by different dimension.  love this set....i play world of warcraft...for something like 6, going on 7 years, so of course i fell in love with this collection.  if anyone wants to check out my main that i've played forever, here is her armory link.   spectral tiger glows in the dark, but i didn't buy it for that.  i love anything with the type of shimmer this has in it.

after that dried i used gelous and  a thick coat of seche vite.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pretty & polished - day trippin'

this was purchased from llarowe. 

after seeing pictures on llarowe's facebook page i knew i wanted to stamp with this when i finally picked it up from my parents.  the black i used is from hits.

i used an image from llarowe's stamping plate a.

pretty & polished site is located here.

blah, the black stained around my cuticles while cleaning it up.  oh well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


a supervisor at work is selling scentsy supervisor comes over with her books and was like 'here, check these out'.  later that day she drops off the sample box of wax to smell....that was trouble.  i spent my 45 minute break trying to decide what to get from the 90 or so pots that were in the box.

i ended up picking out 9 different scents and a really pretty warmer and stand.

scentsy is a company that sells wickless candles.  you use a warmer with a light bulb in it to warm and melt the wax.  i have  the midnight fig scent in my warmer right now.  i am using 2 cubes of wax from the bar that each scent is packaged it.  the scent is awesome.  i love fig anything.

the throw of the smell on this one is pretty good.  it's over near my kitchen and i'm halfway across the apartment on the computer at the moment and it's really strong...but not overpowering.

i also got a sample hand cream to try.  the scent on it lasts pretty well.  i might pick up another when i order again.

 the first picture of the warmer is after just plugging it in.  the one with the melted wax is about a half hour later, so you can tell it melts really slowly.  my supervisor said that when she wanted to switch out the scent all she did was turn on the warmer for a few minutes to let the hardened wax melt and release from the side of the dish slightly and she put it back in the container that the bar came in and then wiped out the dish with a paper towel and started with new chunks of wax.  she said that the smell on the wax she first tried has lasted pretty long.  i guess she uses it daily and has had it for weeks and it still is pretty scented. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

china glaze bohemian water marble

this may be my favorite water marble.  it didn't want to photo how it looks in person...guess too much shiny is going on.  i doubt i'll wear these colors on their own...other swatches i've seen online don't impress me, especially after having ozotics and enchanted polish duo and multichromes...but those are too expensive for me to even think of using in a marble.  when these go on sale at sally's i'm pretty sure i'm picking up another set because i can see going through these colors fast with marbling.

i only got 5 of the 6 colors in this collection, the sally's i go to was out of deviantly darling.

this is pic heavy...for a reason.  so gorgeous.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

punk'd up white wedding

i still have on white's been like a week now.  i did throw on punk'd up betty by pretty & polished on friday though.  can't believe how white wedding has lasted with hardly any wear...growth is showing by my cuticles, so that means it's finally time to change manicures.  thinking water marble may be next....

i'm loving punk'd up betty.  anything pink, black and matte is awesome.  there are also some large silver hexes in there.

both of these were purchased from llarowe.   feels like everything i wear anymore is from leah ann.  love her site. she carries so many gorgeous brands and colors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

llarowe - white wedding

this polish had to have been the most difficult for me to photograph.  the shimmer in this one is definitely there in person, it reminds me of sunlight hitting snow.  it is absolutely gorgeous.

information from llarowe's site about the description:

White Wedding was created with Leah Ann from Llarowe, is exclusive to Llarowe & piCture pOlish and forms part of our Collaboration collection.  Does Leah Ann fancy rockers from the eighties?  She asked for a 'platinum white with rainbows' and then advised it would be called White Wedding. White Wedding is not a holo, not a mulit chromatic and not a glitter.  It has a mystery effect that is just magical (you will not see it in our photo) so you really need to see White Wedding in person!

i used three thin coats of this, wicked fast topcoat and duri rejuvacote as my base.

i don't normally wear such light colors, but this is definitely and exception.  i can see going for this one often.

i did try several different settings on my dslr to try to capture how it flashes, i did get some good color, but this is so much more in person.

Monday, September 3, 2012

manipulative stamped

last week my stamping plates from llarowe had arrived at my parents.  there was a bit of a wait with them, but that's fine.  i'll gladly wait for some epic nail mail ;)  in the same package was a lot of the new picture polish colors as well as some pretty and polished and 2 of the new enchanted polish colors.  i have a package waiting to be picked up at the post office with the other new enchanted polishes i was able to grab.  pics of those will be posted once i have everything.

with this manicure i used cult nails manipulative, stamped with the hits stamping polish carried by ninja polish.  i picked up a couple of colors of that when i bought their facets collection.   the stamping polish is awesome, really pigmented so picking up the color wasn't a problem.

these stamping plates are the best things i've tried so far.  i do have a set of the bundle monster plates, however with my nails being longer they've never really worked when i've tried them.  also their etching seems to be not as deep as the images on llarowe's plates.

when i first got these i tried out 10 different stamps just for the hell of it.  my nails looked like a mess with nothing matching and stamping a green over a hot pink, but i couldn't wait to get home from my parent's to try an actual manicure.  

i somehow smudged my ring finger on my left hand...totally my fault while stamping.  the stamper and the image plates are perfect.  i also like that llarowe is selling a plastic scraper and not a metal one like the konad one i have to use with my BM plates.  if you're not careful the plates will get scratched with the metal.

on to the pics...