Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ozotic - 513 with cult nails - nevermore

this was layered over cult nails nevermore.  it's a black polish, but the perfect black.  it's a 1 coater, no thin spots and it dries so shiny.  it seems to be the perfect base for these ozotics.  i could layer up the ozotics to get them more solid on their own...but with these being discontinued soon i'll just stick to layering them over black so i don't feel like i'm wasting them :P

i love this color.  at work yesterday i really couldn't see the color shift while indoors, but once the sun came around to my side of the building it looked pretty much like these pictures below.

this was purchased from llarowe.  i'm guessing the picture on the site was just of the polish by itself with no base color.  i like both, but i think these colors really pop over black.

blurred to show color