Monday, October 22, 2012

ninja polish - spooky floam over nevermore

 very fast post tonight.  was only able to get 1 photo snapped off before my battery in the camera almost died.

this was purchased from ninja polish.  it's part of their halloween collection.  i did also pick up geeks which is a green glitter.  unfortunately the other 2 in the collection weren't really talkin' to me.

i used 1 coat of cult nails nevermore, 2 coats of spooky floam and 2 coats of seche vite.

i have the original floam as well as some other matte glitters purchased from etsy.  i love how they look, but have yet to get through them all. 

this polish also does glow in the dark.

when i re-do this manicure with just spooky floam by itself tomorrow i'll try to get a picture of it glowing.

also, this is the first picture cropped through flickr.  i think it does look better cropped without so much dead background.