Friday, October 19, 2012

enchanted polish - beetle juice

extremely fast post today...i do want to sit down when i have time this next week and start cropping photos at the suggestion of another blogger, looks like i should be able to do that through flickr, so that should hopefully help with making my pictures look better...but i wanted to just get these up today :)  i haven't done a cleanup on it, but it's good enough for a quick post :)

this is the last of the falloween polishes, it's a gorgeous glitter.

this is 2 coats of fingerpaints - plum startled,  1 coat of beetle's crazy the amount i got out of 1 coat, a coat of gelous and a coat of seche vite.

plum startled was picked up at sally's.  beetle juice was purchased from llarowe.   i love llarowe's new site by the way.  she just launched a new version of it and it looks really professional.

also, i wanted to thank you guys for joining recently.  this is just a small blog, but i do appreciate having followers.

anyhow...this one may be my favorite out of the falloweens.