Tuesday, March 19, 2013

st. patrick's day

i haven't been posting at all recently, have been feeling really depressed and haven't felt like taking pictures or posting anything.  i'm going to try to kick in again and post more often, i just unfortunately haven't felt it the last few weeks.

anyhow, this is what i did on thursday for st. patrick's day.  planned waaay ahead for that day ;)  this was the only green i had on for the day, heh.

surprisingly, i still have this on.  i'm thinking it's nail nation's base coat keeping it on so well.  it still looks the same as what it does in these pictures. 

also...finally no cuticle issues at all.  i've been using the oil i threw together from the recipe found here.  she posted her recipe because she believes in the product and doesn't feel the need to hide ingredients.  unfortunately i couldn't justify the price when i can gather most of the ingredients used and make a huge batch for around the same price.  i was running low on solar oil and thought i'd give it a try.  i'm never going to use anything else ever again.   i put it on 1-2 times a day....usually just 1 time a day before bed on work days, a few times a day when i'm not at work and have time to let it soak in. 

here's a list for the recipe if you don't feel like reading through the whole post.

  • 4 oz Jojoba Oil
  • 4 oz Grape Seed Oil
  • 4 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 3 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 mL Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 mL Vitamin A Oil
  • 2 to 4 mL Essential Oil (depending on the strength of the essential oil.) - i used eucalyptus and it smelled amazing to me.
i was able to purchase everything from drugstore.com.   the only thing that i couldn't find was liquid vitamin a oil, so i just bought the capsules and punctured them.  my friend allison found liquid vitamin a at vitacost.  next time i throw together a batch i'm sure i'll just buy it from there.  big thanks to her for the tip.  it's going to be a while before i need to buy any though, the batch this made is a good size, plus i still have like half a bottle of the vitamin a capsules left.  anyhow, i'd suggest anyone to try this, either by purchasing it or making your own.  my mom loves it and i know she'll also keep using it for as long as i have it on hand.   

anyhow, this was supposed to be about my manicure, not the oil, but i got kinda sidetracked.  oh well. 

here are some shiny pictures.

this was 2 coats of mean mr. mustard and 1 coat of beetle juice.  1 coat of poshe.  both of these were purchased from llarowe ages ago.