Monday, December 24, 2012

enchanted polish - bruised nutcracker beetle juice

first off, wally says hi.

what a sleepy sweetheart.

i started this manicure with 2 coats of enchanted polish - bruised nutcracker.  this was from the ho ho holodays collection.  i did this last night before i went to bed.  used poshe as my topcoat and fell asleep.  i think i'm liking it more than seche vite.  there's no shrinking and it seems more glassy.

i came home from work today  and wanted to add to this manicure, so i grabbed beetle juice, which was my favorite from the falloween collection.  this is 1 coat of beetle juice followed by a coat of gelous and a coat of poshe.  i'm pretty sure this isn't being removed until it starts to chip.  i love beetle juice so much.

both were purchased from llarowe.