Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ninja polish - spooky floam

this is 3 coats of ninja polish - spooky floam on its own, i did a manicure of it over cult nails nevermore here.

i tried i don't know how many times last night to get it glowing in the dark both with my cell phone and my regular camera, i just couldn't capture it.  there is a picture of it glowing along with comparisons of other glow in the dark polishes on their page.

the glow on this in the dark is crazy bright.

i have a coat of gelous and 1 coat of seche vite over this.  also bought qtica nail growth stimulator yesterday when i went to ulta.  i've read good reviews about it and decided to go for it.  1 coat and my nails do feel much stronger than what they normally do.

also picked up a 'scrubby tub' from target.  won't lie...the 'fingers' inside of that thing scare me...looks like a sea urchin...but since i stopped using the glue method on my nails, i figured why not give this thing a go instead of scrubbing or waiting like 10 minutes for the glitter to come off with the foil method. 

anyhow, here's spooky floam...i love matte glitter so much.