Sunday, May 20, 2012

enchanted polish - hey jude

i thought i wasn't going to have a chance to post until tuesday, but i came home from work tonight...decided to just relax and snapped these quick pictures of this polish because the way the sun was hitting it through my door was just gorgeous.  this just means i'll have something else to try out tuesday when i change up my manicure instead of waiting to take pictures of this one, then posting ;)

the first ones are inside, with flash, the last are direct sunlight, no flash.  this is one of the more awesome holographic polishes that i've tried out so far.  the color shift is so dramatic depending on the light.

again, please excuse the dry cuticles...they're definitely getting better but still need a few more days of nothing but solar oil :)

this was purchased from llarowe.  this might be one of those shades where i just might have to get a backup.  it's sooooo amazing.

indoor, camera flash:

sunlight, no flash