Monday, February 25, 2013

NFU JS 37 and NFU 57 - fail

so this is kinda fail...i planned on a gradient, but haven't done one in ages and obviously went too low with the black.   i will definitely redo this one soon and watch what i'm doing with nevermore lol.

i used 2 coats of NFU JS 37, 2 coats of nevermore sponged on, and  1 coat of NFU 57. 1 coat of poshe was used for my topcoat.

 might redo it for my next manicure actually now that i'm looking at these pictures.  the JS 37 looks really cool where the black fades into it.

i can tell already from my last set of pictures that the nail oil i've been using is already making a difference. 

the amount of copper that shows through in 57 on black is really impressive, you don't see that much of it in the polish.