Wednesday, December 19, 2012

pistachio gelato

picked this up at target, they had them 2 for 8 bucks.    this is so packed with's amazing.

the other one that i picked up was some chocolate one.  it also looks really good.

just thought i'd share this.

opi - ds indulgence

i picked this up at ulta yesterday.  ran in to get a new bottle of  topcoat and saw that they actually had these.  this was the last indulgence, there were 2 luxurious left. 

this is 2 coats of indulgence with 1 coat of poshe topcoat.  loving poshe.  it's much more shiny than seche vite and there's no shrinking like you will sometimes get with seche.

i love all of the ds polishes, but this one might be in my top 3.

you do see more of the gold colored flecks in person, my camera didn't want to pick them up.