Wednesday, October 3, 2012

enchanted polish - practice safe hex

here's another falloween collection glitter.  i used opi's you don't know jacques as my base, 1 coat of practice safe hex, 1 coat of glitter food, 1  coat of gelous, and one coat of seche vite.

i''m also trying the glue method for removing glitter polish.  you apply a coat of white glue, like elmer's school glue, let it dry completely, then continue with your manicure as normal.  the first time i tried this i didn't let the glue dry long enough.  i gave it 10 minutes.   it peeled up the next day while at work.  gotta say i love how easy it came off as opposed to doing the foil method for 10 minutes per hand.   this time around i let the glue dry for 30 minutes, applied my usual "get it on" basecoat then went on to the rest of the colors.  this is day 2 with no peeling.  i was also very careful to not get it anywhere near my cuticles or the edges of my nails as it seems like that would make it peel up faster.   when you're ready to change polishes all you do is take an orange stick and gently push at the edge near your cuticle.  everything should come up in one sheet.  when i took off my first manicure using this there was nothing wrong with my nail. 

when i first started this i was worried that it would come off while washing dishes, taking a shower, using lotion, etc, but there's been no issues this time around.  this isn't something i'd use on every manicure, but when i wear glitter this is definitely how i'm going to do it.  the foil method of removal is so drying, but it's really the only other way to get glitters totally off without scrubbing for minutes per nail.

has anyone else used this?  a friend on facebook had suggested it and thank her so much for it!

anyhow, here's pics of practice safe hex.  this one is my 2nd favorite out of the falloween collection by enchanted polish.  these were purchased from llarowe.  love love love this polish.  hell, this whole collection is just awesome. 

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