Wednesday, September 5, 2012

llarowe - white wedding

this polish had to have been the most difficult for me to photograph.  the shimmer in this one is definitely there in person, it reminds me of sunlight hitting snow.  it is absolutely gorgeous.

information from llarowe's site about the description:

White Wedding was created with Leah Ann from Llarowe, is exclusive to Llarowe & piCture pOlish and forms part of our Collaboration collection.  Does Leah Ann fancy rockers from the eighties?  She asked for a 'platinum white with rainbows' and then advised it would be called White Wedding. White Wedding is not a holo, not a mulit chromatic and not a glitter.  It has a mystery effect that is just magical (you will not see it in our photo) so you really need to see White Wedding in person!

i used three thin coats of this, wicked fast topcoat and duri rejuvacote as my base.

i don't normally wear such light colors, but this is definitely and exception.  i can see going for this one often.

i did try several different settings on my dslr to try to capture how it flashes, i did get some good color, but this is so much more in person.