Tuesday, November 20, 2012

nail nation 3000 - kizmit #701

this is the polish that i first wanted to purchase and wear.  it was described as a quad holo.  the strength of the holo seems to change depending on the light you are looking at it in.  gorgeous gunmetal base.

all of these were shot with flash...my apartment is really dark, even with my shades  opened and all of my lights on.

this is 1 coat of stinky skunk base coat, 2 coats of kizmit, 1 coat of seche vite.  the  topcoat didn't seem to dull this like a lot of holos do when worn with a topcoat.

also...application was perfect.  i didn't clean up either hand.  not sure if it's the formula of the polish, or the shorter brush or the quality of the brush.  seriously this went on smooth.

the amount of holo going on with this one is crazy.  

**edited to add this picture**

the sun finally came around to my side of the building.  this is no flash O.O

this was taken with the light my dining room area, where i shoot all of my pictures:

i still can't believe how smooth this went on with no cleanup  at all.

 this was in the same area,  just held my hand closer to the light in the room:

nailnation3000 - first orders

my friend allison from facebook suggested i check out this nail polish maker.  i am so glad i did.  she makes amazing holo polishes and i also got her 23k gold topcoat.  i ended up purchasing 2 separate orders directly through facebook.  they arrived super fast, which surprised me.  i ordered on the  15th and 16th and they were delivered to my mom's yesterday. 

i have chatted with her a few times now and she comes across as one of the most sincere people.  you can  tell that she really appreciates your interest in her polishes and really wants her customers to be happy with her items.   i even had a free sample included with my first order.  i got her basecoat to try out also.  i am always looking for an amazing base coat.  it smells strong, it's called stinky skunk base coat for a reason, but the smell goes away once dried, in about a minute according to her post on facebook.  i can deal with that if it works ;)

she has been doing nails for 20 years and has been working the last 3 on creating.  llarowe announced that she is going to be carrying maria's line.  that is huge, llarowe only carries the best  polishes and i'm glad maria had this opportunity to get her polishes noticed. 

i wanted to get these photos online asap, they are so gorgeous in person.

nailnation3000's facebook page is here:  http://www.facebook.com/NailNation3000
her youtube page is here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/NailNation3000  

there are some awesome tutorials uploaded on her youtube channel.  i plan on spending some time soon going through videos on this page...that never happens, so you know what i've watched has been worth it :P

anyhow, onto the pics...

this is the card that was attached to my invoice.  it looks really professional, i love the picture she chose also.