Wednesday, July 25, 2012

cheshire cool aid

my sister picked out these colors when i was over at my parent's yesterday.  i think they go really well together.  i used my kind of cool aid for my base color.  the glitter is cheshire by crowstoes.  this was purchased from llarowe.  i do love the labels on the crowstoes bottles. 

i did 2 coats of my kind of cool aid, 1 of cheshire, 1 gelish, and 1 seche vite.

glitters are starting to grow on me.   they are a pain to take off, but there are soo many pretty ones that i've been seeing. 

i was able to get 7 of the crowstoes colors.   i think what i'll do is just use these for my next 7 manicures in a row since they're all gorgeous.   i'll get pics up of them all as  go along.