Sunday, May 13, 2012

mail mail mail

i should have some new posts this week.  i got my order from dandy nails, picked it up from my parent's today. i finally gave in to etsy.  i'm attempting to be good and not even look on that site, because if i did i'd be broke about now.  i did give one of the dandy nails polishes to my sister to use as toenail polish.   it's the least i can do...the poor kid screwed up her back today and if some orange polish made her day after being at the hospital most of the morning, drugged up and on morphine i'm not going to tell her no.

i also have more stuff on the way from harlow & co. as well as some enchanted polishes from llarowe.  i also have an order on the way from elixir lacquers and some cult nails goodies since they just had their $5.00 sale.  it's been a busy month already >.<  i probably won't be buying anything new for a while and will start doing swatches, pictures, and posts here more often.