Monday, September 3, 2012

manipulative stamped

last week my stamping plates from llarowe had arrived at my parents.  there was a bit of a wait with them, but that's fine.  i'll gladly wait for some epic nail mail ;)  in the same package was a lot of the new picture polish colors as well as some pretty and polished and 2 of the new enchanted polish colors.  i have a package waiting to be picked up at the post office with the other new enchanted polishes i was able to grab.  pics of those will be posted once i have everything.

with this manicure i used cult nails manipulative, stamped with the hits stamping polish carried by ninja polish.  i picked up a couple of colors of that when i bought their facets collection.   the stamping polish is awesome, really pigmented so picking up the color wasn't a problem.

these stamping plates are the best things i've tried so far.  i do have a set of the bundle monster plates, however with my nails being longer they've never really worked when i've tried them.  also their etching seems to be not as deep as the images on llarowe's plates.

when i first got these i tried out 10 different stamps just for the hell of it.  my nails looked like a mess with nothing matching and stamping a green over a hot pink, but i couldn't wait to get home from my parent's to try an actual manicure.  

i somehow smudged my ring finger on my left hand...totally my fault while stamping.  the stamper and the image plates are perfect.  i also like that llarowe is selling a plastic scraper and not a metal one like the konad one i have to use with my BM plates.  if you're not careful the plates will get scratched with the metal.

on to the pics...