Tuesday, July 9, 2013

nail nation 3000 - eleanora

this is 3 thin coats of eleanora.  i'm totally in love with this color.  at different angles it has a slight purple tint also, i wasn't able to capture it on camera though...shot these in the middle of the night so i wasn't able to try with sunlight.

as with any other nail nation 3000, application was perfect.  no clean up needed.

i stamped over this manicure with an image from my new dashica plates.  that post can be found here.

dashica big sdp u

i was excited to get this order.  i purchased several plates and some stamping polishes from dashica

the image below is from the big sdp u plate.

the polish worked perfectly for stamping.  with any stamping i've done before i have only used cult nails - nevermore, so having some colored polishes will be a nice change.

for the base color i used 3 thin coats of nail nation 3000 - eleanora.  the post for that polish without a stamp is here.  1 coat of seche vite was used over the whole thing.

if anyone wants to see specific images from the dashica plates stamped, let me know.   i have the big sdp plates in D,  F, P, K, J, L, U, V.  i wouldn't mind ordering some more, there are so many designs that are totally my style on other plates.

shipping was pretty fast.  i ordered on june 28th and everything was delivered to mom's on july 6th.

i totally need to work on practicing how to line up half/french tip images.  that, and longer nails would help ;)