Wednesday, December 5, 2012

nail nation 3000 - sock monkey #51

i chose to layer this one just in case it wouldn't cover on it's own.  the base i used was really light and looked more like a french manicure than anything else, i used opi's care to danse? so this one would have been fine with 2 coats by itself.

this is 2 coats of sock monkey with 1 coat of seche vite.    i love how light this is...its been a while since i've worn anything really light and non-holo.  maria's description on her facebook photo for this polish is:


A creamy base of sock monkey colors!!! Great layers of awesome sock monkey-ness!!!! Get your sock monkey on !!!

i think next time i won't bother layering it over anything.  still loving it how it turned out though.