Thursday, October 25, 2012

stamped candy corn

i was wanting to do a stamped halloween manicure using pretty & polished - candy corn. n this is a polish that changes based on temperature,  sometimes its all yellow, sometimes all orange, or like this; faded together.

 i started out with bundle monster plates....they wouldn't pick up with either my konad stamper or the xl stamper from llarowe, so those got ditched pretty fast.  i tried the smallest tree on the llarowe plates, however they were too big for my nails since i just had cut them down, so i decided just to pick a random image and go with it.

i started using the HITS stamping polish, then decided to try out cult nails - nevermore.  i honestly can't tell the difference.  my middle and ring finger are HITS, the rest are nevermore.

this is 3 layers of candy corn, no base color used.

this is the image i used.


polish remover 'scrubby tub'

this thing is's a tub of acetone with little scrubbers on the site that work wonderfully on removing glitter.

i used this while taking off the spooky floam manicure i last posted about.  when i removed regular floam with polish remover and cotton i had glitter all over my fingers and up where my cuticles are...not with this.

the little fingers work really well at removing everything.  for whatever reason it reminds me of a sea urchin O.o

i picked this up at target for a couple of bucks.