Tuesday, May 14, 2013

enchanted polish - castle comparison

this is going to be an extremely picture heavy post.  these polishes have so much going on with each of them and i tried to capture them in different light, different flash,  no flash,  etc.  the only thing i couldn't do was the florescent light in the kitchen.  luck would have it that both lights burnt out when i turned on the switch this morning.  here's hoping maintenance can switch them out soon enough today.

anyhow, here's a comparison between castle on a cloud and ice castle.  both colors are 1 thin coat over cult nails - nevermore and a coat of seche on top.

though they look similar in certain light, they are completely different when side by side.  please scroll through all of these pictures to see what i was able to capture.

pinky and ring fingers are castle on a cloud, middle and pointer fingers are ice castle.