Tuesday, April 24, 2012

layla - hologram effect collection

today i just have pictures of the layla 'hologram effect' collection.  i wore jade groove before i cut my nails down.  it's a gorgeous holo, lots of flash in sunlight.  unfortunately it'll be a while before i take any new pics of manicures...my nails are completely gone.  they've been growing fast and have been longer than i've ever had them before, it still sucks having to cut them all off because you feel like your typing is uneven with one short one >.<

i apparently missed taking a picture of ocean rush, i'll get that up when i wear it.  can you tell i'm new to trying to organize stuff for a blog?  also flash black wouldn't focus with my camera.  at least you can see some of the colors in it with it slightly blurred.

anyhow, here's jade grove:

and the rest of the collection: