Wednesday, November 7, 2012

picture polish - harlow & co - demeter

this was purchased from harlow & co.  i've been eying this one forever, but finally got it when i ordered the holographic color club polishes.

this one is so pretty in person.

this is 2 coats of demeter, 1 coat of cult nails - wicked fast.

information from harlow's site about this polish: 

for all the down to earth goddesses!

When piCture pOlish asked me what my perfect shade would be - I knew immediately what I wanted - a chocolate brown holographic polish! So they created this earthy subtle scattered holo and it's exactly what I was dreaming of - I couldn't be happier with this shade!

Demeter was the goddess of earth's harvest so we thought it was fitting that Demeter be a celebration for all the down to earth goddesses out there!

Keep your piCture pOlish away from heat, flame & children

Always shake your piCture pOlish gently before use. Apply 1 to 2 coats or how you like it!
seriously love this polish.
slightly blurry to show more holo:



various nail mail

for whatever reason the straight on shots of the bottles would not photograph accurately, the pictures showing the names on the bottoms of the bottles are way more accurate.

ugh, forgot to get a picture of the gold topcoat from the opi skyfall collection.  when i wear it i'll get a bottle shot.  it's just a pure gold colored bottle that came in a black box.

these were purchased as a set from amazon.