Thursday, May 24, 2012

floam and humble bee

these are both made by Nail-Venturous.  i purchased these from ninja polish.  i was actually surprised to end up getting them.  the day that i got the email notification that floam had been restocked they also upgraded the shopping cart.  the website kept crashing.  i ended up getting to the checkout flow on the site where it gave me an order number but then i couldn't get to the page to complete the order and pay.  by the time the site came back up they removed the product from the site and said that they weren't going to readd it until they got the shopping cart fixed.  i just emailed the site owner and asked if i could still go ahead and pay for it and she said yes.   shipping was really fast so that made me happy.

i have floam on currently.  it's bright bright yellow-green and blue matte glitter, which i had never even heard of before.  i have seche vite over it and even with the shine from that you can still  tell that the glitter in the polish is matte, it really is unique looking.

it's named after the toy floam.  it really does look like the stuff i remember playing with when i was younger lol

pictures of this will get taken tonight when i get another minute to sit down and snap some.

humble bee is super bright yellow and black and is the same type of matte glitter.

everything nail-venturous sells out extremely fast when it is up for sale.  i want to get 2 more of their colors if they ever go back on sale again, orange you unique? and pinkerbell.

harlow & co mail

got these the other week as well and just now found time to sit down and upload the pictures.

voodoo turned out to be a bitch to try to get to photograph correctly.  the bottle says "see the darkness,

feel the magic!" it :P

dandy nails

i forgot to post this picture when i got these polishes a few weeks ago.  i did give my sister an orange glitter one that she fell in love with.  these other colors/topcoats are goregous.  can't wait to try out the flakie ones over the new cult nails black that is waiting for me over at my parent's.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

enchanted polish - hey jude

i thought i wasn't going to have a chance to post until tuesday, but i came home from work tonight...decided to just relax and snapped these quick pictures of this polish because the way the sun was hitting it through my door was just gorgeous.  this just means i'll have something else to try out tuesday when i change up my manicure instead of waiting to take pictures of this one, then posting ;)

the first ones are inside, with flash, the last are direct sunlight, no flash.  this is one of the more awesome holographic polishes that i've tried out so far.  the color shift is so dramatic depending on the light.

again, please excuse the dry cuticles...they're definitely getting better but still need a few more days of nothing but solar oil :)

this was purchased from llarowe.  this might be one of those shades where i just might have to get a backup.  it's sooooo amazing.

indoor, camera flash:

sunlight, no flash

Thursday, May 17, 2012

enchanted polish - haul

i purchased these from llarowe.  this was my first purchase from her.  shipping and customer service is great, i had a few questions regarding how long shipping would be and i got responses quite fast :)  they also carry ozotics, some of which are being discontinued.  at least others are being made, but it still sucks that such beautiful polishes are going to be gone quite shortly.

anyhow, these colors are from enchanted polish.  lots and lots of holos.  i think i should be set for a while ;)  the colors are absolutely gorgeous.  i did a manicure on my mom tonight using cranberry cosmo and it turned out beautiful.  mom loved the color shift in the light in the house.  i told her just wait until she sees it out in the sun.

hey jude will probably be the first one i try, then gummy worm.  these two are so filled with color depending on the lighting you're in.

onto the pics...swatches will start once i re-do my current manicure:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

cnd solar oil

well...i found out what my cuticle issue was the last 2 weeks.  i threw my solar oil in the wrong drawer and forgot about it.  after putting it on last night and letting it soak in my cuticles have already started looking better.  never will i misplace you again.

i buy my cnd items from  i have used solar oil for since december when i first started really taking care of my nails.  i can't believe no using it for 2 weeks would make them look this bad.  i also have cnd's almond hydrating lotion.  it's got to be the best hand lotion ever.  it absorbs really quickly, smells amazing and lasts.  i have a bottle at work and at home.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

elixir lacquers

picked this up today from my parent's...elixir lacquer's site is at  i'm starting to get sucked into the whole indie polish thing now  >.<  gotta say the few orders i've gotten from independent sellers have been amazing.  the colors have been pretty unique.  the customer  service has been great and shipping has also been fast.

for whatever reason i couldn't get the bottom of these bottles to stay in focus...

with a k, dakota, tricky, supa sugar bee

manipulative colorblind

this was done with colorblind by dandy nails and manipulative by cult nails.  totally loved these 2 together.  this was with 2 coats of each polish.  i'm thinking 1 coat of colorblind will be plenty next time i wear it.  it was not fun trying to get off ;)

excuse the angry cuticles :(  they've been so dry the last few weeks no matter what i do with them.

happy meowface

...that's my boy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mail mail mail

i should have some new posts this week.  i got my order from dandy nails, picked it up from my parent's today. i finally gave in to etsy.  i'm attempting to be good and not even look on that site, because if i did i'd be broke about now.  i did give one of the dandy nails polishes to my sister to use as toenail polish.   it's the least i can do...the poor kid screwed up her back today and if some orange polish made her day after being at the hospital most of the morning, drugged up and on morphine i'm not going to tell her no.

i also have more stuff on the way from harlow & co. as well as some enchanted polishes from llarowe.  i also have an order on the way from elixir lacquers and some cult nails goodies since they just had their $5.00 sale.  it's been a busy month already >.<  i probably won't be buying anything new for a while and will start doing swatches, pictures, and posts here more often.

Friday, May 4, 2012

ozotic 515

bright, bright bright.   the picture totally doesn't capture this one.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cross stitch projects

A neighbor taught me how to cross stitch when I was a kid.  I started out making little bookmarks and cutsey little pictures  then moved onto  my first huge project pictured below.  The peacock I completed years ago as a gift for my mother.  It took over 2 years to finish.  I did this at work when I worked for American Express. I kinda miss being able to work on projects like that at work, but I hated being on the phone constantly.

Along with it being huge...almost poster size, there was a lot of beadwork on the border.  It is gorgeous in person.  The camera on my phone doesn't pick up the glittery filament thread in it's tail.

I still have other half finished projects packed up from when I moved out of mom and dad's.  Those won't see the light of day until I get a house and get everything unpacked again.

The red one I'm working on now will eventuality be a monogram with a pretty, ornate baroque border. I love the color of floss I picked out for this one.  It should only take a few months to finish, I've been slacking and only working on it like once a week.  If I'd work on it on my days off it would be done in a few weeks.  I get distracted though :(


I still have 502 on today.  Just sitting at my parent's house at the moment and saw how pretty this is in direct sunlight.  You can totally see the color shifts.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ozotics!! and 502 swatch

i did pick up my other package from my parent's last night that had lots of ozotics from harlow & co.   i'm so in love with this brand.  i'll eventually fill out the other numbers that i can hunt down.  this brand may be my all time favorite.  the flashes of color when lighting changes and angles change are pretty fascinating.

i currently have 502 on over a black cream.  used cult nails get it on and wicked fast as my base and top coats.  excuse the bad cuticles, i've been slacking this last week.  the color change on this one is really pretty

onto the pics...

502, 504, 505, 506

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


i guess my other package from harlow & co showed up at my mom's yesterday, i don't trust mail at this apartment.  i'll be heading over there today.  got 8 more ozotics.  i'll post pics of all of them either tonight when i get home or tomorrow.  i've seriously become obsessed with that brand.  their colors are amazing.