Monday, February 25, 2013

NFU JS 37 and NFU 57 - fail

so this is kinda fail...i planned on a gradient, but haven't done one in ages and obviously went too low with the black.   i will definitely redo this one soon and watch what i'm doing with nevermore lol.

i used 2 coats of NFU JS 37, 2 coats of nevermore sponged on, and  1 coat of NFU 57. 1 coat of poshe was used for my topcoat.

 might redo it for my next manicure actually now that i'm looking at these pictures.  the JS 37 looks really cool where the black fades into it.

i can tell already from my last set of pictures that the nail oil i've been using is already making a difference. 

the amount of copper that shows through in 57 on black is really impressive, you don't see that much of it in the polish.

Friday, February 22, 2013

nfu oh JS41 and NFU48

fast fast pictures,  i haven't cleaned these up yet but i wanted to get them shot before the sun moved away from my side of the building.

this is 2 coats of each polish and 1 coat of poshe.  seriously can't wait until my nails get way longer again to wear these.  these polishes look amazing in person.

ignore the cuticles...working on them with a home made oil i threw together last night, hopefully it'll do it's job.  my mom just called and said that she already started using the bottle i gave her and she can tell a difference already with how fast it soaked in.

first off,  wally might need a toe-hair trim.

i love how squishy this one looks.  it's part of their jelly syrup series.

nfu oh heaven

yeah, just picked these up from mom's.  fast and crappy pics, just wanted to get these online to show my friend.  the dust on the bottles looks like it's from the cardboard box.  i see a green gradient with flakies happening this week when i'm off work and have time.

purchased from  been wanting this brand for ages.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

better together & daydream surprise

this is 2 coats of contrary polish - better together and 1 coat of enchanted polish daydream surprise.  1 coat of seche vite was used, then the next day i added a coat of butter london's matte topcoat.  i'm really liking the whole matte-glitter thing.

pear-butt wally is enjoying some snow watching today.

Monday, February 18, 2013

pretty serious - galaxy invader

this is 3 thin coats of polish with 1 coat of seche vite.

this seriously glows in person.  there is a purple shift in different light, but the blue fleckies are the most noticeable with this polish.  i absolutely love this.

this was purchased from llarowe.

again, ignore the pinky...stupid dry cuticle.

Friday, February 15, 2013

layla - the butterfly effect

this is 2 coats of the butterfly effect over 1 coat of cult nails - nevermore.  1 coat of poshe topcoat.

i probably could have done 3 coats of this on it's own, but i like it over black.

please ignore the cuticle on my hands have been so dry.  i actually just bought the stuff today to  make my own nail oil, so we'll see how that turns out.  it came out to about the same as a huge bottle of solar oil, but you can make like 3 times as much.

anyhow, on to the pictures:

Monday, February 11, 2013

pahlish - this new sun

here's another new pahlish i was able to get from the etsy store. 

i thought this one was going to be more sheer than it was.  this is only 2 thin coats, they applied perfectly.  no base color used.    i used 1 coat of poshe over the top. 

my camera isn't picking up the tiny flakies in this one.  they are there.  excuse the random glitter from my last manicure, they didn't want to come off.

Friday, February 8, 2013

pahlish - heart of man

this is 3 thin coats of heart of man, it's a gorgeous jelly packed with glitter.  no base color used.  i used 1 coat of gelous and a coat of poshe over the top, it's glass smooth and really shiny in person.

purchased from pahlish's etsy shop.  shipping was extremely fast.

nails are still nubs, but they're finally starting to not feel as short if that makes sense lol.

i do have another couple of recent manicures that i have shot pictures of, i just haven't felt like spending time to upload them with my nails being so short :(  i'll get around to them this week probably.

anyhow, here's this awesome polish.